Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Vastu Consultant - An amalgamation of Nature & Science

Vastu is the science of construction or architecture, an ancient doctrine comprising of a detailed synopsis of the laws of nature and their effect on us. Vastu provides an insight into the integration of the five elements of nature which are air, water, fire, earth and space which make up the entire universe and support life on the earth. It is believed that every living thing comprises of these elements and they have a huge impact on the synthesis of life and are revered.
Vastu has the gift for complete and correct knowledge of the vastu shastra and has helped many achieve success in their lives. It identifies problems and suggests remedies for a complete makeover of homes and offices providing complete plans of vastu for home and vastu for office giving details about the infrastructure of every area and the use of furniture and other elements. It uses a wide and never-ending knowledge that is deeply etched into our cultural heritage and is prevalent since ages. It is a unique blend of facts and fiction and can very well define the way you lead your life and help you to achieve what you desire and deserve.
Vastu entails a wide study of elements that are strongly backed by the force of nature and have the power to implement itself on our lifestyle and change the course of our lives. Vastu can make things seem impossible and at the same time it can make impossible things possible. It can very well decide and separate the things we desire to the things we deserve.

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