Monday, 12 August 2013


As you build your home it’s not all about bricks, cement or steel, but it’s an abode of happiness and peace for your family. This becomes a place where you step into for positive life, with a hope to progress in everything you do creating an aura of prosperity. Depending on our lifestyle, how we live and how we built our house can release various spiritual vibrations based on ancient Vastu theory.

It is believed that in a living premise or a house, pleasant and unpleasant frequencies are generated which can be controlled through the Vedic science, Vastu Shastra. Nowadays in modern living, residents have been considering the Indian Vastu Shastra or the Japanese Feng Shui way of planning a house while building it. For the prosperity of the family living in the house, from ancient time of our history the owner of the place have a puja to show gratitude or ask blessings from the Almighty they believe. Some call it mere faith or a tradition, but whatever we term it, we know it’s a human hope or faith they carry within themselves from birth. 

According to Vastu, ideally the master bedroom should be located in the southwest direction as it triggers the maximum positive energy in that direction. Due to this positive energy- health, wealth and prosperity of the   family members gradually increases with due time, and tranquility always prevails amongst members of the family. Your children should grow in calm and quite environment starting from the home itself as kid’s room should be always in the south east direction of the house. In such an environment the child will grow with positivity and will have a positive outlook towards life from a tender age. Beside these areas, Vastu is even effective from your kitchen to your washroom as it covers each corner of the house to spread the vibe of luxury and nirvana. 

Not only restricted to individual home, Vastu has been effective for commercial places, educational institutions, offices and hospitals. Vastu Consultant with their skills and planetary calculations have been a guiding force to individuals who plans to build any living constructional structures. This ancient science of positive vibes is practiced by properly energizing the total impact of the building with the help of light, air, space and aura. So lay your foundation of your house based on the scripts of Vastu as you open the doors for joy and prosperity into your life.

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