Wednesday, 18 September 2013

COLOURS can have wonderful effect on your life.

Vaastu is a source to create harmony between man and nature. It brings complete peace in the mind and life of individuals. It consists of 5 natural elements JALA, PRITHIVI, AGNI, VAYUH, and AAKASH. Vaastu derives the positive energy from the natural sources and does the required corrections that may be causing great damage in the well grooming and proper development of a particular house. Vaastu Shastra even suggests individuals with the selection of right color in the right direction because colors play a very important role in the wellbeing of an individual.  Given below are few colors, their meaning and their effects in the life of an individual.
Red is the color of love. It basically represents power, vitality and zest. Red displays warmth and is considered the best of all colors in energizing our mood. It also creates excitement and enthusiasm in life.  At Vaastu Consultants we suggest you to use RED color in the south direction of your house.
Blue is considered the colour of nature because two very important elements of nature SKY AND WATER are blue. It is known to create Calmness and peace in mind. Accorting to Vaastu consultants blue has its best effects when used in the SOUTH-WEST direction of your home. Blue colour is recommended for Bedroom or Relaxing room.
Green color represents growth. It is considered as the colour of vegetation. Green is believed to bring peace and harmony in individual’s life. If green is used in the NORTH direction of your home then it will surely come up with Wealth and Intelligence.
Yellow is known to develop the clarity of thoughts in an individual. It is a bright color and is considered to boost patience and enhance wisdom in one’s life. As yellow stands for Purity it should be used in the NORTH-EAST direction of your home.
Orange color stands for Spirituality. It is considered to enhance the power of communication, positive feeling and interaction. Orange color is also known to bring happiness in life.
White is considered the purest among all the colors. It is known to have the power to brighten up an individual’s life. White is generally used in the ceilings as it reflects the light and helps brightening the room. White has its best effect when used in the NORTH-WEST and SOUTH-EAST direction of your home.

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